Women ain’t weak they are just a bit more strong than u can imagine..Amazing Men know this..!!!!! But few accepts..” Those who don’t , they don’t coz they belong to patriarchal society yet living in a western world..’ According to them..its just the men who are allowed to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING..!! Because women would be characterless if they do what they wish to.. So basically a women with whom these men go out to parties /coffee or anywhere is merely a characterless women ! As she is going out of what “their” norms are.. N so they can take Liberty anytime anyday ” I wonder is this the reason of women being unsafe and raped ??

There are two genders in our society the strong one being women if physical strength is kept aside.., I raise a question who are these MEN without WOMEN……? The sad part is despite these men being educated and despite they belonging to 21st century , they still Carry this mindset ,, such thoughts n such beliefs ..

This also highlights Y women ain’t safe in their own house with their dad/brothers/relatives🙁 why all this pain and insult for being a women.. who is a nurter to the world” y remains unAnswered..😞


Every Good bye teaches..

After a while you learn the subtle difference  Between holding a hand, and chaining a soul 

 And you learn that love doesnt mean leaning 

 And company does not mean security 

 And you begin to learn that kisses arent contracts, 

 And presents arent promises, 

 And you begin to accept your defeats 

 With your head up and your eyes open.

 With the grace of a woman, 

 Not the grief of a child, 

 And you learn to build all your roads on today 

 Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans 

 And future have a way of falling down in mid-flight, 

 After a while you learn 

 That even sunshine burns if you get too much, 

 So plant your own garden 

 And decorate your own soul

 Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers, 

 And you learn that you are really strong 

 And you really do have worth 

 And you learn and learn..

 With every good-bye you learn.

Teachers day..!

Teachers day!!❤️I believe instead of wishing all the outside teachers the main and the most important teachers to be wished is our PARENTS..!!!! Who have taught us everything from speaking our first words to having our first walks, from saving us from falling to helping us stand again.., from fighting our battles to having the confidence of having their back..from respecting elders to having care for our younger ones..

They have indeed played a huge role in framing our mindset..to help us grow and develop in the best way a child can..

To all the parents 🏆 love u for being the best teachers..❤️😘😇✌🏻️

do you still remember me ?


I ask this question to my dad, do you still remember loving me ? Realizing and Cherishing the fact that i am your daughter..? Do you still care for me as u always did? Will you still protect me , if i need you…? I ask my dad 😦
Dad, who are always very near to their little angles, left from sight just to be there to be seen….yes he is there n very much alive!! but still not there….
He parted ways for his ego was hurt for his trust was broken upon his daughter but then I ask did u really care enough to listen to your daughter once? Did u really had the courage to put a step down for ur girl n know the reason as to y she lied? Parents are supposed to forgive it is said, i am not even asking for forgiveness coz i did nothing wrong, which u also know then y this behavior ? y this arrogance that you could not even ask ? yeah i cannot understand a dad’s emotion” true i cannot ” but can definitely understand people change, so have you. so did you…

i’m forbidden from your life !! for no reason…. i am left like a stranger “

what to say of strangers if u have become one” , u see me in pain daily still u ignore for you have your pride” you pay my fee coz that’s ur duty else u hv no other duty…. maybe that’s the way i need to accept and walk along with a heavy heart coz v see each other daily under the same roof but v dont exchange words, smiles, concerns, LOVE ” but we are linked from blood..IMG-20120402-WA0000





PS- a daughter’s confession