give your pain…….a smile :)

Life teaches us a lot.. every minute every second we are taught a new lesson or a lesson already learnt.We tend to forget and move on from our past for our better future and for welcoming the new spring of happiness, little do we know a lesson is hid behind it.

We rectify our mistakes , still we find we are back to square one.. we do our best possible effort to smile yet v are stopped again..often it is heard and said life moves on.. but does it really ?? I strongly feel when we are low, we cry and do everything to divert our mind and look for something good to smile..a ray of hope, a sunshine is all we aspire to have.. we do try to move on!

Maybe moving on is all about getting used to the pain, hurt, or maybe it means giving yourself another try. First step is the hardest to make, welcome life as it comes. You would never have bed of roses to walk on, you would never have cushions all your life..things that are meant to happen would anyway’s your call either stop living because of the fear of pain or make yourself strong enough to fight. fight would be by weak hands initially because you are taking baby step towards your life.. however keep your head high, heart strong n move.. life which consists of different individuals, who would be having a different role to play in your life shouldn’t know you as  a weak person..but as someone who would manage in the hardest of times, who would fight till she is satisfied.. not every fight is about making others loose, many are even for yourself….for your win.

So be yourself fight and never give up! fall, get hurt but don’t stop…..keep moving on! remember the biggest slap on people who hat you is you smiling and progressing”give them their slap back” 😉


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finding a direction isin't easy, yet holding a torch to find one! (walking............!!!!!)

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