A note to self..”


What do you want?
Actually what are you expecting?
When you know everything, every fact
When you know sucha thing is bound to happen
Despite anything you do or try, then y feel bad?
Y feel suffocated?
The more you try,more you would be hurted..
You’ve been and your are..!!
Then why?
Why not just moveOn
Why not be a thick skin?
Yes it is difficult, but go by it..
Try it….
Yes uv tried and you have failed but im sure you were not compeltely unsuccessful
Go on….girl’ go on..
Don’t fall coz of your expectations
There’s no room/stage for your emotions
But certainly you will be laughed/stabbed upon because your emotional,because you think alot
Yes you did a mistake-you tried on a wrong thing, you wasted your productive energy
Despite awareness of facts..
Some things/ people won’t change/CANNOT change!!
Accept and move on oR suffocate and burn urself ..!!


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finding a direction isin't easy, yet holding a torch to find one! (walking............!!!!!)

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