little angel.. move on!!

An amaZingg converation between two frnz” who wasnt ready to believe,, what happened in past was just an illusion ”

U love him ryt?
Did he ever say the same to u? Yes..
Did he ever mean it? Umm..

Okay ans the following n letz find out..!! Cool”
So was u his priority? No
Did he ever call u imp n proved his words fake ? Many times ?
Did he leave u when u needed him the most ? Yes
Was he faking to b considerate for u, n in real having a gala time with his frnz ? Yes!
Did he ever say he is feeling miserable as u are but u could easily judge that he is lying ? Yes
😄 okay so the last one..
Did he love u ? 😒
U have ur answers beautiful..’!!
Live for urself.. He has/must have done the same to many.. Du agree ? Yes”
So whats the big deal if he targetted u too..
U were also just a part of his play dea..
If u fall weak , which u have in past n u were in present.. U had Let him win” but not now..NoT AGAiN plz..”

Stand for urself angel….n do best of this new free life.. Many more to come n meet” 💕

Itz time to moveOn little girl”..!!


someone plz sympathize!!

Whattaa life some people lead.. All they seek is sympathy..

They do wrong deliberately, with all their conscience n then they start giving explainations..
N the worse part is some still do believe in them..
Whattaa life man..
All fakeness is instilled n diluted in ur blood..n u make appear itz all genuiene’
All such people seek is a shelter” a shelter of those who are blind enough to see n deaf enough to hear the truth but utter nonsense that they speak..
Such clowns aint even of their parents man.. What not they speak abt their family is more disgusting n they take it as pride..••
Many realise this cheapness but dont open their mouth against the bulsht they do> coward is the word for them..
Itz these coward who encourage such cheap bastards to build their strength for their way ahead and then a sentence would come “vr are this way n shall remain”
‪#‎assoles‬ ‪#‎cheapbastards‬ ‪#‎disgusted‬ ‪#‎burninhellJERKS‬..!!

rain and silly people !!

I read someOne’s status–” when the cloud is heavy it rains, when heart is heavy.. Tears fall”

Matlab kya chahte ho yr ?😅
Kaii na khushh hoge tum..!!🙈👊🏻

Matlab itz suchh an amazing weather” 💦☔️💦baarish hui like a muchh needed thing happened” (usmai b apnii kahaani / rona dhona”)

Har cheez mai itna negative.. 😫 Bai sahb status update, blogs kya kuch krne lgte aise log”..😖
Areyy kya kar k maanoge??😪
People already have a lot to be tensed abt yar..y du wan ppl to read ur statuses n feel more depressed when they are/might want to feel little light..?then they have a vague explaination- we aint forcing anyone to read our status” abey.. Pagal wagal ho kya? Public update h..sirji..😅
Khush raho na.. Find and give reasons for happiness to people….!!!!!🙏🏻 plz yar na load le na de..<<