little angel.. move on!!

An amaZingg converation between two frnz” who wasnt ready to believe,, what happened in past was just an illusion ”

U love him ryt?
Did he ever say the same to u? Yes..
Did he ever mean it? Umm..

Okay ans the following n letz find out..!! Cool”
So was u his priority? No
Did he ever call u imp n proved his words fake ? Many times ?
Did he leave u when u needed him the most ? Yes
Was he faking to b considerate for u, n in real having a gala time with his frnz ? Yes!
Did he ever say he is feeling miserable as u are but u could easily judge that he is lying ? Yes
😄 okay so the last one..
Did he love u ? 😒
U have ur answers beautiful..’!!
Live for urself.. He has/must have done the same to many.. Du agree ? Yes”
So whats the big deal if he targetted u too..
U were also just a part of his play dea..
If u fall weak , which u have in past n u were in present.. U had Let him win” but not now..NoT AGAiN plz..”

Stand for urself angel….n do best of this new free life.. Many more to come n meet” 💕

Itz time to moveOn little girl”..!!


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finding a direction isin't easy, yet holding a torch to find one! (walking............!!!!!)

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