rain and silly people !!

I read someOne’s status–” when the cloud is heavy it rains, when heart is heavy.. Tears fall”

Matlab kya chahte ho yr ?😅
Kaii na khushh hoge tum..!!🙈👊🏻

Matlab itz suchh an amazing weather” 💦☔️💦baarish hui like a muchh needed thing happened” (usmai b apnii kahaani / rona dhona”)

Har cheez mai itna negative.. 😫 Bai sahb status update, blogs kya kuch krne lgte aise log”..😖
Areyy kya kar k maanoge??😪
People already have a lot to be tensed abt yar..y du wan ppl to read ur statuses n feel more depressed when they are/might want to feel little light..?then they have a vague explaination- we aint forcing anyone to read our status” abey.. Pagal wagal ho kya? Public update h..sirji..😅
Khush raho na.. Find and give reasons for happiness to people….!!!!!🙏🏻 plz yar na load le na de..<<


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finding a direction isin't easy, yet holding a torch to find one! (walking............!!!!!)

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