do you still remember me ?


I ask this question to my dad, do you still remember loving me ? Realizing and Cherishing the fact that i am your daughter..? Do you still care for me as u always did? Will you still protect me , if i need you…? I ask my dad 😦
Dad, who are always very near to their little angles, left from sight just to be there to be seen….yes he is there n very much alive!! but still not there….
He parted ways for his ego was hurt for his trust was broken upon his daughter but then I ask did u really care enough to listen to your daughter once? Did u really had the courage to put a step down for ur girl n know the reason as to y she lied? Parents are supposed to forgive it is said, i am not even asking for forgiveness coz i did nothing wrong, which u also know then y this behavior ? y this arrogance that you could not even ask ? yeah i cannot understand a dad’s emotion” true i cannot ” but can definitely understand people change, so have you. so did you…

i’m forbidden from your life !! for no reason…. i am left like a stranger “

what to say of strangers if u have become one” , u see me in pain daily still u ignore for you have your pride” you pay my fee coz that’s ur duty else u hv no other duty…. maybe that’s the way i need to accept and walk along with a heavy heart coz v see each other daily under the same roof but v dont exchange words, smiles, concerns, LOVE ” but we are linked from blood..IMG-20120402-WA0000





PS- a daughter’s confession