Women ain’t weak they are just a bit more strong than u can imagine..Amazing Men know this..!!!!! But few accepts..” Those who don’t , they don’t coz they belong to patriarchal society yet living in a western world..’ According to them..its just the men who are allowed to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING..!! Because women would be characterless if they do what they wish to.. So basically a women with whom these men go out to parties /coffee or anywhere is merely a characterless women ! As she is going out of what “their” norms are.. N so they can take Liberty anytime anyday ” I wonder is this the reason of women being unsafe and raped ??

There are two genders in our society the strong one being women if physical strength is kept aside.., I raise a question who are these MEN without WOMEN……? The sad part is despite these men being educated and despite they belonging to 21st century , they still Carry this mindset ,, such thoughts n such beliefs ..

This also highlights Y women ain’t safe in their own house with their dad/brothers/relatives🙁 why all this pain and insult for being a women.. who is a nurter to the world” y remains unAnswered..😞